Library Databases

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Library Databases
by Kathleen McKim - Sunday, 10 September 2017, 12:49 PM

Students have reported difficulty accessing library resources on BYOD periodically.  I have logged in with IT, and we have confirmed that the database links and library page work on BOYD.  It is possible that a student has his or her firewall and internet security features set too high on their devices or is not logged into BYOD properly.  If you are repeatedly unable to access library resources, please go to IT with your computer to take care of this issue.  In addition, we seem to have success with a last resort measure.  If you are unable to access the library home page via the IAA website, take these steps:

First drop-down window, go to the bottom of the list to “Other Countries”.

Second drop-down window, type in “IAA” and then click on IAA Secondary Library.

This takes you to our library catalog.


Please let Ms. Kathleen or the Library Staff know if you experience further access issues.

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