Basketball Try-outs

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Basketball Try-outs
by Samer Taha Taha - Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 11:44 AM

Dear all,


We would like to welcome you to the new basketball season.


We are having our first tryouts for our basketball school teams and we would like to provide you with the tryouts dates and times.


Day                                        Date                                                      Time                                                      Gender                                                                Grade                      location


Monday                               18th of December                             3:20-4:20                                              boys and girls                                                     grade 6-8                   school Gym

Wednesday                        20th of December                            3:20-4:20                                              boys and girls                                                     grade 9-12



If your son/daughter wishes to join the team, please note that it is not optional to attend tryouts, it is mandatory, and any student athlete that fails to join the tryouts will risk missing out on the school team for the rest of the sporting year.




Thank you


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