Secondary School Extra-Curricular Activities

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Secondary School Extra-Curricular Activities
by Reham Al-Saleh Al-Saleh - Sunday, 18 September 2016, 1:00 PM

Dear Students and Parents,


Please find in this letter information about the extra-curricular activities on offer in the Secondary school during Semester 1. Please note there are grade restrictions to some and others come with a cost attached (which can be paid at Finance). Most of the activities below focus on Grades 8 to 10 as Grades 11 and 12 have their own individual CAS commitments, which they design and agree upon with the CAS Coordinator, and/or have additional classes (especially in Grade 12)

The letter is long, please persevere! There is a lot going on as laid out in the following pages.

Signing up for the activities is easy, a form can be found on the following link.  The deadline for signing up (and paying if a cost is involved) is Thursday 8th September.

Later in the year we will also be running events centered on the charities of Kursi Wa Kitab and Habitat for Humanity. Please see Ms. Hawazin if you would like to be more involved with Kursi Wa Kitab. Habitat for Humanity in Semester 1 in only open for Grades 10 and 11. Please see Ms. Wesam if interested.

After school help

After school help with subjects is centered on Arabic and Maths in Semester 1. The Arabic help sessions are as follows:



Day and Time

Hanan Baddar

8-10 Language A

Sunday (3.15 to 4.15)

Reem Yassin

11-12 Language A

Sunday (3.15 to 4.15)

Alaa’ Arrar

11-12 Language A

Monday (3.15 to 4.15)

Ala’a Al Shantaf

6-8 Language A

Wednesday (3.15 to 4.15)

Rasha Al Laham

6-10 Language B

Monday (3.15 to 4.15)


I would urge parents whose students are finding Arabic a challenge to make use of our in house support rather than seek tutors.

Commitment - If students sign up to activities there is an expectation that they will commit to them and see them through.

Late Busses – Students who use the bus service will be provided with a late bus service at 4.30 (3.30 on Tuesdays).


Yours sincerely,

Martin Thompson

Principal, Secondary School.


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