Minecraft Tutorial

Hello Minecraft player, if you want to know how to play the game and how it works, click the link below. Have fun! :)

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Minecraft movements and mechanics

If you are a Xbox player, use the LS to move, the RS to look around, A is to jump and fly (if in creative mode), X and Y are for you to open your inventory, the D pad is to drop items and B is to crouch. For PC players, WASD is to move around, the mouse is to look, space bar is to jump, E is for inventory, Q is to drop items and shift is to run.

Lets learn the objective of the game and how to accomplish it!

The End And The Nether

The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon can only be reached in the end, to get to the end you have to go to the Nether. The Nether portal needs obsidian and flint and steel.

The Nether

All you need to get from the Nether is some blaze powder and Ender Pearls to get to the end, craft them together and you have Eyes Of Ender. You can get Ender Pearls from Enderman, they hate the water and they can teleport. To get Blaze Powder you need blaze rods from killing a blaze, blazes can only be found in a Nether Fortress.

How To Finish The Game

All you need to do is destroy the end crystals from the top of the Obsidian Towers, then kill the Dragon, once done you can go through the portal and sweet victory is yours!

Now How Do We Even Get Inside The End?

We need to throw the Eyes Of Ender and follow them, but be aware that you need at least 12 of them to fill end portal frames. Once the Eyes Of Ender go down inside the floor, dig down to where it went, you will finally be in a place called The Stronghold, Find the End Portal and fill in the slots.

Good Luck With Your Journey!

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