SEM 1 FINAL – manual for entering grades, skills and narratives

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Links for Teacher Plus will be found in Moodle, and the Shared Area.


Teacher plus Dashboard

When teachers login to their portal, the first page will be the Dashboard. It contains a list of the teachers’ assigned courses.

From the Home, click on the link “Gradebook” from menu,

-         The gradebook will popup.

1-    Choose the correct marking period , for example if you want Progress Report 1 choose from the options in View MP Progress Report 1 

2-    Enter the Skills/Criteria by clicking “Skills” at the header. You can also submit the grade out of 7 from there

Enter ATL Skills and Criteria. Please use the NI, S, G, VG, E for Needs Improvement, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good and Excellent respectively. And then click back to Gradebook. See screenshot below.

3-    Enter the final grade out of 7 in the “Grade” column. Ignore the average column.

4-    Enter the Course Description by clicking the icon under the narrative column

Please make sure that you are typing in the right Marking Period which is SEM1 FINAL

And then click on Save

5-    When you done grading you need to send these grades to the office , click Submit

Then choose the marking period that you need:

After you click on Sem Final 1 you will get the massage

Click Yes and you are done.


If you need help at any point please Email:

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